The 1st Parking near Thessaloniki SKG airport.

How to find us

Gps coordinates: Thessaloniki - Peraias, Thermi 570 01, Greece

Latitude: 40.526262 | Longitude: 22.99648

Latitude: N 40°31'35.88"

Longitude: E 22°59'47.97"

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Car cover 1€ per day / 0.5€ from 6th day
Self Parking
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Contact details

"IKAROS - AEROPARK" is located only 2000m from the "Macedonia" airport on the 14o km. Thessalonikis - Peraias at the crossroad of REGENCY CAZINO, across HOTEL IRIS || TEL: +30.2310486000 || MOBILE : +30.6970021300 || Εmail :

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